Pro Tip One

Don’t Pour Grease or Oil Down the Drain

People talk about how food is eaten to get a “grease coat” or to fill up. When you throw grease or oil down your drain, the same thing happens. You will start to get a build-up of grease and oil. It won’t be obvious at first, but you will soon realize that it is there because the grease…

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Pro Tip Two

Use A Strainer

Maintaining your plumbing system’s pipes is your number one priority and sink strainers are your first line of defense. Strainers prevent solid debris from getting into your plumbing system. The debris basket prevents water and liquids from going down the drain. It also allows for easy disposal of scraps.

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Pro Tip Three

Watch What You Flush

There are some things that need to be flushed, and others that shouldn’t be flushed. We are pretty certain you understand our meaning. You could end up with serious clogs if you flush anything other than toilet paper or bodily waste down your toilet. This includes prescription medication, hygiene products, cotton balls, and unfortunate fish.

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